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Central States Clinic- Oakbrook, Illinois

May 18, 2019 - May 19, 2019

These courses are open to ALL coaches. There are no pre-requisites and ASCA membership is not required. These are educational opportunities and we take pleasure in making them available to you.

Registration is through the Central States Clinic, not through ASCA. To register, click the button above or below.

For More Information on Course Content, Contact Guy Edson at gedson@swimmingcoach.org or 800-356-2722

Dryland Training with Long Term Purpose
(May 16: 1pm – 5pm) $50
Don’t fall for the philosophy that we should be encouraging our young swimmers to be playing multiple sports so that they become “well rounded” physically. In the past grade school physical education combined with organized sports created a base of athletically capable youngsters. With the decline of required physical education in public schools youth sports finds itself with the responsibility of providing moderate to vigorous physical activity. The problem is, only 24 percent of 7 to 14 year old soccer, baseball and softball players get the sixty minutes of MVPA the government recommends during practices. In organized swimming practices we are close to having 100% of our participants meet MVPA. This presentation is about incorporating dryland training and giving our young swimmers the opportunity to develop rhythm, balance, coordination, core strength and swimming power at our near 100% MVPA rating AND keeping them in the sport for long term swimming development. Includes manual and dvd.

Principles of Leadership for the Pool Deck: Coaches, Athletes, Parents
(May 16: 6pm – 9 pm) $50
We’re defining “leadership” for this presentation as “patterns of behaviors” that create an environment for individual and team success. What patterns do we see? What patterns do we want? How do we affect changes in ourselves, our parents, and our athletes in order to develop leadership qualities?

Level 3 — The Planning and Execution of Training for Swimmers of All Ages
(May 17: 8:30am – 4:30 pm) $75
This program presents a background to fundamental physiology which helps us understand the importance and meaning of energy systems and principles of training. Once familiar with this background, and considering age differences, we present strategies for designing season training plans, weekly workout plans, and writing workouts for senior swimmers, age group swimmers, and novice swimmers – each seperately. Includes manual handouts and test.

Starts Turns and Finishes
(May 17: 6pm – 9pm) $50
This is a greatly expanded section from the ASCA Level 2 Stroke School that explores in depth proper mechanics and teaching methods for acquiring great starts, turns and finishes. We will offer extensive use of video clips of the Olympians right on down to novice swimmers learning progressions –this material is excellent for all coaches, novice to senior.

Course Instructor
The ASCA Instructor will be Guy Edson. Guy has been with the ASCA for 30 years presenting clinics all over the US and internationally. He also coaches developmental age group swimmers every day. He brings his collected experiences from day to day coaching combined with that of listening to and studying the successful coaches of the world to the audience with passion and energy. He loves to serve coaches with practical information you can use the next day in your swimming practice.


May 18, 2019
May 19, 2019


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