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Southern California State Clinic

August 28, 2021

$30 – $130

The NSCA wants to assure you that your health, safety and well-being is our highest priority. We have determined it best to hold the event online via Zoom. We will notify you by e-mail with more details.

Hosted by:
Whitney Leyva, MS, CSCS,*D, NSCA-CPT,*D, RSCC


Event Itinerary – Saturday, August 28 – Pacific Time Zone
7:20 AM – 7:50 AM
Online Check-in
7:50 AM – 8:00 AM
8:00 AM – 8:50 AM
Performance Training During Pregnancy and Postpartum: Trimesters One Through Four
by Vanessa Moreno, PhD, CSCS,*D
1. Benefits for mom and prenatal: Short- and long-term benefits
2. Trimesters 1-4: Maximizing pregnancy comfort, reducing pain, preparing for labor and postpartum: Safe positions, optimal exercises and ones to avoid, Heart rate and training, Training Variables, Pelvic floor emphasis, Trimester 4 (postpartum): training differences between labor delivery
3. Common topics with pregnancy: Diastasis: TA vs RA, Diabetes
4. Stretching for optimal positions (pre labor) and back pain relief

9:00 AM – 9:50 AM
Untapped Superpower: Why Leading with Empathy is Important to Building Coach-Athlete Relationships
by Chelsea Rodriguez, MS
Attendees will learn how empathy is the basis for forming a trusting relationship, the types of empathy that can be employed in the coach-athlete relationship, and research-based evidence to support why leading with empathy is important when working with individuals in any environment.

10:00 AM – 10:50 AM
The 52 Week-a-Year Combat Athlete: A Rational Approach to Weight Management in MMA
by Matteo Capodaglio, PharmD, MS, CISSN
Making weight in combat sports has always been a highly debated topic. The process was previously perceived as a brief but significant hurdle immediately preceding weigh-ins, whereas now it is a 52-week process that emphasizes balance and periodization. Discussion will include:
-Illustrating the significance of extending weight management procedures to 52 weeks vs. immediately before weigh-ins
-Importance of balance and periodization in weight loss
-Exploring the multidisciplinary team approach and its benefits in combat sports

11:00 AM – 11:50 AM
Strategies to Target the Undervalued Ergogenic Aid of Sleep in Elite Athletes
by Matthew Crawley, MS, CSCS,*D, RSCC
1. Describe the contextual challenges of sleep deprivation and hygiene strategies
2. Provide access to resources, educational materials and guidelines for sleep health
3. Use athlete case studies to provide information with performance planning
4. Discuss the need for a practitioners toolbox for sleep health

12:00 PM – 12:30 PM
Lunch Break
12:35 PM – 1:25 PM
Your Legs in 30! Use All the Planes of Motion to Get the Best Out of Your Training
by Cem Eren
The primary focus of this presentation will be correct movements, paths using dumbbells, cable system, bodyweight etc.

1:30 PM – 2:20 PM
Biomechanical Effects of Different Trends in Strength Training
by Kevin Valenzuela, PhD, CSCS
The goal of this presentation is to discuss how different trends in the strength training field impact the biomechanical performance of the athletes. The presentation will cover the effects of lifting barefoot versus in shoes, the use of knee wraps/sleeves, and the use of weight belts.

2:25 PM – 3:15 PM
Grow Your Gym Blueprint: 7 Practical Steps to Establish You Niche, Grow a Community, and Build the Business of Your Dreams
by Joshua Graves
“Inspire” your members to get back to adventure. Coach Josh Graves will share his 7 step system to teach you how to use adventure racing and fitness events to grow your brand, build your community, and fill your gym with new members. This is a course in marketing, operations, and networking for fitness professionals.